Links to my Writing

Digging in the Dirt, a vignette for the Far West RPG.

False Negative, cyberpunk short story, published in Electric Spec.

Foreign Soil, a short story for The Were-Traveler’s Blood Vengeance: Vampyre issue.

The Only City Left: I am writing a story and releasing the rough draft 1,000 or so words at a time. It is the story of a young man named Allin who is wandering the ruins of a giant city called Earth, desperate to reach the surface of the city and see the Sun at least once in his life. This link takes you to the Table of Contents.

The Opposite of Indulgence, a holiday-themed short story for the LeyLines webcomic. Check it out for the awesome illustration creator Robin Dempsey made to go along with the story, if for nothing else.

Webcomics I Have Reviewed

The Adventures of the 19XX: Dieselpunk 1930s adventure with airships, a dash of magic, and the world’s smartest rabbit. (Reviewed here.)

The Adventures of Athena Wheatley, or, Warp & Weft; A Graphic Novel: Time travelling, reality-questioning, gender-bending adventure. (Reviewed here.)

Amya: A fantasy adventure (magic, divine beings) in a low-tech (trains, pistols), highly-politicized setting. (Reviewed here.)

Battlepug: A Conan-like warrior and a giant pug dog adventure through a fantasy world full of other over-sized beasts. (Reviewed here.)

The Bean: The adventures of a humble dishwasher boy named Bean in an intricate fantasy setting. (Reviewed here.)

Beardy Bastards: Dwarves in a science-fiction action-adventure story. Need I say more? (Reviewed here.)

Birth of Venus: A gritty superhero drama. After her brutal assault by a super-powered villain, Mara uses her new-found superpowers to seek revenge. (Review/creator interview here.)

City of Cards: In a bureaucratic future, Plato is just trying to get by when he befriends the mysterious amnesiac Ace. (Reviewed here.)

Cleopatra in Spaaaace!: Teenage Cleopatra has been forwarded into the far future, where she goes on missions with laser guns and her talking cat. (Reviewed here.)

Clockworks: A steampunk/fantasy story about a group of Private Constables who keep their neighborhood of a huge city crime-free. (Reviewed here.)

Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant: Fun action-adventure tale with the kick-ass Delilah Dirk and her reluctant partner Selim. (Reviewed here.)

Derelict: A mysterious dystopian tale of a lone scavenger making her way in a dangerous world. NSFW. (Reviewed here.)

Ellie on Planet X: A comic strip about a cute robot girl who is sent to Planet X to gather data (kind of like an adorable Mars Rover). This strip has a long-form story but each page is also fun in and of itself. Reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes. (Reviewed here.)

The End: The alien Fiah collect sample populations from worlds that are facing destruction, but the latest collection, from the planet Earth, goes awry. (Reviewed here.)

Everblue: In a world that is mostly ocean, Ten crashes his flying boat onto an island city and meets ship-builder Luna.  (Reviewed here.)

Holiday Wars: Holidays and Observances are real people and they are at war, one group siding with the Easter Bunny and one with Santa Claus, in this fun, at times silly, action-adventure. (Reviewed here.)

Hominids: Several species of man are all sharing the same small environment. A man thinks he has the answer to this mystery, but will he be able to trust a band of Neanderthal to help him prove it? (Reviewed here.)

Hunter Black: A greyscale fantasy noir about an assassin who is set up and sent to prison. He escapes to wreak his revenge, but he is dying; can he kill his betrayers before his time runs out? (Reviewed here.)

Ignition Zero: Robbie is nervous about moving to the college town of Glory, Maryland, and that’s before he is pulled into an adventure with magical creatures and hidden worlds. (Reviewed here.)

Jackie Rose: The treasure-hunting adventures of Jackie Rose and Eddie Ripcord. (Reviewed here and here.) [Note: As of 6/4/12, creator Josh Ulrich has reported that he will no longer be continuing Jackie Rose as a webcomic, opting instead to pursue a traditionally published book.]

Kukuburi: Delivery girl Nadia steps into an alternate universe populated by an assortment of bizarre creatures. This comic is full of invention, imagination, action and adventure. (Reviewed here.)

Lady Sabre & the Pirates of the Ineffable Aether: Swashbuckling adventure meets the old West on a series of big and small landmasses floating through the aether. Plus, airships! (Reviewed here.)

LeyLines: An intricate fantasy story about siblings who uncover a conspiracy after their mother is murdered. (Reviewed here.)

Lilith Dark: Adventure with precocious Lilith Dark as she imagines herself fighting monsters of all kinds. But is it all in her imagination? (Reviewed here.)

Little Guardians: An homage to video game RPGs with a twist: the hero was switched at birth with the shopkeep’s son. Funny and dramatic. (Reviewed here.)

Modest Medusa: A comedic fantasy tale about a cute little mermaid who shows up in the artist’s life, trailing havoc in her wake. (Reviewed here.)

Mystery Babylon: The adventures of aggressive/cynical Kick Girl and sweet/naive Zero, who need to stop a crazy cult from opening the pit where the Devil has been sealed for 1000 years. (Reviewed here.)

Namesake: Certain people are namesakes of characters from literature and can enter those books, but whose namesake is Emma and why has she been called to the land of Oz? (Reviewed here.)

Planet Pantheon: The search for the lost birthplace of humanity, Earth, reveals it to be more populated than expected, and much more dangerous. (Reviewed here.)

Plume: A girl and the mystical defender who is bound to protect her seek revenge in an alternate early 1900s. (Reviewed here.)

Polterguys: A nerdy college girl discovers she can see ghosts, and it’s up to her to help them with their unfinished business. Funny and smart. (Reviewed here.)

Power Nap: An office drone with an allergy to the pills that allow everyone else to not sleep discovers that the walls between the waking and dreaming worlds are thin. (Reviewed here.)

Red’s Planet: An orphan girl ends up on an outer-space adventure, with artwork that reminds me of Bone. (Reviewed here.)

Spine: The story of an assassin in a dystopian future. Violent and inventive. (Reviewed here.)

Twilight Monk: A Naruto-ish martial arts tale with good action and humor. (Reviewed here.)

Two Keys: A black-and-white supernatural noir in which a long-simmering cold war between normal humans and an oppressed supernatural underclass is about to heat up. (Reviewed here.)

Valkyrie Squadron: A science-fiction tale of humans vs. the machines, full of combat both close-up and ship-to-ship. (Reviewed here.)

Widdershins: A dropout wizard would be content to do magic tricks, but has a malady that makes life difficult for him and ends up entangled in adventure. (Reviewed here.)

The Wormworld Saga: A “Neverending Story”-ish tale where each chapter is one lushly-drawn panel. It ends up feeling more like watching a movie as you are pulled along the story. (Reviewed here.)

Xander: A boy named Xander is trapped in a lucid dream and must navigate the dreamworld in order to wake up again. (Reviewed here.)

E-Book Sites I’ve Mentioned

Angry Robot Books: DRM-free e-book from authors like Chuck Wendig and Matt Forbeck.

Baen E-Books: DRM-free science-fiction and fantasy e-books. In particular, check out their free downloads section.

C.J. Cherryh: Sells a few books directly from the Closed Circle website. More are available on Amazon. (As of 1/26/12, Ms. Cherryh reports that an agreement has been reached with DAW that will result in more books showing up on both sites.) The stand-alone novel The Paladin is available on the Baen E-Books website.

Diane Duane: Sells e-books directly from her website. Additional books set in the Star Trek and Tom Clancy’s Net Force universe are available on Amazon.

Frank Herbert: Most of Mr. Herbert’s work is available in e-book format, although the prices vary wildly. Here is my list of his available e-books.

Michael Moorcock: Amazon has the Elric (Del Rey edition) and Hawkmoon books. Moorcock’s Miscellany, the author’s website, has information on upcoming ebook release posibilities; check the Q&A section.

Project Gutenberg: An excellent source for e-book versions of books for which the copyright has expired.

Webzines/Writing Markets

Abyss & Apex: SF and other selected genres, up to $10,000 words, up to $75/story.

Aphelion: Accepts  short and long SF/F/H stories. Payment is publication only.

Electric Spec: SF/F/macabre stories, 250-7,000 words, $20/story.

FLURB: Speculative fiction with a mix of established and beginning writers. Worth checking to see if submissions open up.

The Future Fire: SF with a message up to 10,000 words, $35/story.

OG’s Speculative Fiction: Announced on 5/15/12 that their next issue (#36) will be their last.

Planet Magazine: Accepts short SF & F stories and payment is publication only.

Quantum Muse: SF/F/alternative. You must critique other submitted stories to submit your own, up to 8,000 words. Payment is publication only.

Ray Gun Revival: Space opera stories of less than 4,000 words, 4 per month. $0.01-$0.05 per word up to 4,000 words, to be paid via PayPal. Author gives “First Rights and specifically First Internet Publication, with an option on First Anthology Rights for 18 months.”

Schlock! Webzine: Weekly zine that includes several SF/F/Horror stories each issue. No pay, author retains all rights.

Strange Horizons: Looking for SF/F stories of less than 5,000 words. 7¢/word, minimum $50.00.

The Were-Traveler: SF/F/Horror stories on a chosen theme, four times a year. Very short stories, including drabbles (100-word stories), emphasized. No pay, author retains all rights.

Online Serials I’ve Mentioned

The Case of the Misplaced Hero: Alex and his college professor end up in the reality next door. (Reviewed here.)

The Confessions of Jonathan Pratt: Set in the mid-1800s, follow the story of Jonathan’s wickedness as he reveals how he has committed every sin except for murder (the one crime he is to be hanged for!). (Reviewed here.)

Space and Time: The story of Jregli, a Yerbran slave who tricks her way onto a space station, where she has to contend with her most cunning master ever. (Reviewed here.)

The Traitor and the Monk: A story that reads like you are watching a high-flying martial arts movie, starring a barbarian and a drunken master.


Far West: A transmedia (fiction/RPG/planned web series) setting where the martial arts of Wuxia films and novels meets the Spaghetti Western, with some steampunk thrown in.

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