Wednesday Webcomics: 2/29/2012

Posted: February 29, 2012 in Kickstarter, Webcomic

Welcome again to Webcomics Wednesday and Happy Leap Day! One of the ways I am using to find webcomics lately is a site called Ink Outbreak. It has a “More Like This” button that generates a list of “Most Similar” and “Fans Also Enjoy” webcomics, or you can search by categories like Science Fiction, which is what I did to find today’s comics: Mystery Babylon and Cleopatra in Spaaaace!

Mystery Babylon is a full-color comic by Val Hochberg. It is the story of a girl named Mystery Babylon aka Kick Girl (she could also be called Punch Girl or Stomp Girl, but she does indeed kick people a lot), and a boy priest named Zero. Kick Girl is surly, cynical and hyper-aggressive, definitely not a people person, which is why it is funny that sweet/naive Zero likes her so much.

I have read Chapter One so far, which is the first 43 pages, and the plot that is brewing in this introduction involves the pit that holds the Devil, a group that wants to unseal it, and a map that purports to reveal the location of the pit. While I am interested in the story, it is the relationship between Kick Girl and Zero that has me turning the pages and laughing out loud right now. The art is well done in a manga style and some of the funniest parts of the comic are the expressions on Kick Girl’s face as she has to deal with all the idiots (as she sees them) around her.

This is a fun action-comedy with Christian-religious themes (check out the FAQ if you are concerned about the handling of the religious themes one way or the other) and I say go check it out!

Cleopatra in Spaaaace!, by Mike Maihack, is another fun action-adventure webcomic that, as the name implies, takes place in outer space and is about Cleopatra. Yes, that Cleopatra. She has been sent into the future and the story starts out with her battling aliens called the Xerx alongside her talking cat, Khensu. And then she jumps on a spaceship/motorcycle in the shape of a Sphinx. I was pretty much hooked from the beginning of this one—Cleopatra looks really cool in Egyptian/science fiction clothes holding dual ’50s-style sci-fi laser guns. Throw in a talking cat and a Sphinxcycle? I’m in for the long haul!

Chapter One of Cleopatra is in black and white; thereafter it is in full color. I bought the PDF of Chapter One (the only PDF available; Chapter Two is only available in a hard copy) for $1.99 and it includes some nice sketches and guest artist pin-ups along with the first 28 pages of the comic. Now for some bad news: Cleopatra in Spaaaace! has been on hold since June 2011 except for some recent guest strips. Why? Because Mr. Maihack knew he could not keep up the weekly pace of the comic once a new addition to his family arrived in October, so he decided to put off Chapter Three until he could focus on it more. The webcomic fan part of me is bummed by this, but the new dad side of me understands completely. Mr. Maihack reiterated as recently as 1/27/12 that there will be a Chapter Three, so keep your fingers crossed. Cleopatra in Spaaaace! is a genuinely good webcomic, full of heart and action, well-drawn and -written, and by the way, it has a council of rulers who are all talking cats. No more need be said.

Final note: Namesake finished its Kickstarter successfully with nearly double its goal. Congrats!

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